Welcome to ENOMOTO Global

ENOMOTO is a precision component manufacturer principally of LED lead frames and has production bases in Japan, China and the Philippines.
ENOMOTO has been developing and producing LED lead frames for 35 years. Today, it supplies high quality LED lead frames to the foremost LED manufacturers in Japan, as well as top quality LED manufacturers abroad.

The frames that ENOMOTO manufactures are, in many cases, used as components when high-end LED is required (such as LED-TV, LED displays and automobiles), principally due to our stringent quality control standards and high degree of precision. Our frames have consistently received praise from users. ENOMOTO also conducts annual user satisfaction surveys, and our entire Group promotes ways to improve productivity, so that we may continue to provide the best quality and price.

Not only does ENOMOTO produce frames customized to meet user specifications, but we also have a full selection of open-type LED lead frames so users may save time and reduce costs incurred in development.

Please contact us so we may better serve your needs.

Some examples of open-type LED lead frames are shown below.
  • TOP LED BASE(3528)

  • TOP LED 1 IN 1 (3528)

  • TOP LED 3 IN 1 (3528)

  • FLASH LED 4PIN (3528)

  • FLASH LED 6PIN (5050)

  • In addition, we have the ability to provide lead frame-related technical support to users considering LED development and manufacturing in the future, grounded in 35 years of LED lead frame manufacturing experience. Please feel free to contact us about the many ways we may assist your plans.