Order Process

Preliminary Product Specification Arrangements
  • Our account executives provide a unified one-stop contact to take care of your needs.
  • The specifications are examined in collaboration with a designer in Japan.
  • We are able to suggest open-type items to reduce development costs.
  • Preliminary arrangements can be handled in Japan even for cases where product deliver goes directly from our overseas factory to the user's site overseas.

Development & Design
  • Based on discussions held during the preliminary arrangements, a design is drawn up to meet the user's demands.
  • Putting to use our proprietary know-how, we can propose cost-cutting measures and quality improvements.
  • Our design proposals are able to bring costs down and stabilize quality with techniques available only from a specialized press manufacturer with integrated production and overseas production capability.

Prototype Die Making Experimental Press
  • In accordance with the design, a prototype die is manufactured if the user so desires.
  • On request, the manufacturing may be done at an overseas factory.
  • We are also able to accommodate requests for manufacture of the prototype in Japan with mass production overseas.
  • Prototype manufacturing is also available using laser lithography or other methods.
  • The press test is conducted using the prototype die.
  • Problems are identified during checks for discrepancies and mass production.
  • Over a series of preliminary discussions with the client, a mass production system is readied.

Mass Production Die Making
  • We offer high-performance die making with an emphasis on productivity that only an integrated production manufacturer can provide. (The best press and molding tool match is sought.)
  • We are also able to provide coordination with a view toward transferring operations overseas in the future.
  • High durable dies may also be manufactured at the user's request.

Mass Production Presses and Molding
  • Using our bases in Japan and overseas, the optimal location for the user is realized.
  • All our factories have press and molding capability.
  • We are also able to accommodate third party manufacturing dies in production. (Domestic third-party manufacturing dies may also be transferred to our factory in China.)

  • Lead frame: silver plating (Tsugaru Factory, Philippines, & China)
  • Connector: gold plating (Tsugaru Factory & China)
  • In addition, users are not committed to ENOMOTO's plating line, but all plating manufacturers can be accommodated on request. (Our China factory has acquired the difficult to obtain Plating Business License.)

  • We focus on fine high-quality insert molds.
  • LED lead frames, narrow pitch connectors, etc.

  • Our principal connector support capability ranges from component supply to finished-product OEM.
  • We have integrated production capabilities in Japan and overseas extending from design through manufacture.

Quality Control Testing & Verification
  • Our quality control overseas is maintained to the same standards as production in Japan.
  • All our factories are ISO 9001 certified.
  • We have a long track record of supplying products for on-board devices required to meet particularly strict quality standards.
  • We can accommodate a variety of verification tests and certifications on request.
  • ENOMOTO has the capability in-house to do analyses using three-dimensional measuring instruments and SEM (high-performance measuring instruments).