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Providing solutions for composite products.
As for the lead frame works manufactured with the dies which were designed and produced based on the users' needs, we provide lead frames for IC, transistor, LED, electronic parts, etc. Originally, lead frames were simplex metal products. However in these days, there are more requests for start-to-finish production including resin molding. And collaboration of advanced die technologies and processing technologies is integral.
It is Enomoto's strength that we are able to meet advanced requests in every field by introducing such technologies as ``coining and drawing" to the basic die technologies as ``blanking and bending". While meeting the needs of the next generation, the expectation in the LED and optoelectronics fields is growing and we are expanding market share not only with the sales of customized products but also with the sales of original products. Having various process technologies, Enomoto will provide new possibility while focusing on product making with the consideration to the environment as lead-free as well as meeting advanced needs of customers with its total balance



We support high precision of connectors which continue to be more miniaturized.
In the information-oriented society, a miniaturization and high precision of parts for information devices continue to advance. We are supporting the development of the market as we possess technologies to meet the needs of complicated bending form which are required for metal press products such as connectors and contact pins. Also, in the world where high-level technology Which metal press process and resin molding process have united is expected, we are proud that Enomoto, having the press technology which we have cultivated for a long time and having the Mold Division, is one of the best companies in Japan. Narrow pitch products are the most needed products in the market and it cannot be realized not only without the metal press technology but also without high precise molding technology. And to the world of further advancing narrow pitch, our challenge does not stop.
Our domestic and overseas factories have realized the stable provision for both quality and delivery date, and we plan development to support a user foothold. Especially. All overseas factories are concerned in connector production. As the high function of mobile telephones advance, welcoming this one segment times, we aim further expansion to the global market.