Contributing to the realization
of an enriched society
through sound manufacturing

Since our establishment,
we have processed various molds and
to the craftsmanship
of Japanese manufacturing

People are the heart of our business, and we will contribute to the realization of an enriched society through sound manufacturing.
This is the management philosophy of the Enomoto Group.
Since its establishment in 1962, the Enomoto Group has developed numerous new techniques of press processing as well as established mold technologies across a wide range of areas including cutting, bending, raising, and mold processing.
In order to respond to the rapid increase in market demands for lighter, more compact products with high-functionality or multifunctionality, we have established the technology to process micro-composites of metals and plastics.
We believe our efforts have contributed to the Japanese monozukuri, or the art of manufacturing.

We pride ourselves on manufacturing products that represent the key technologies that help to support the development of our future society.
Such products, in particular, are lead frames for optoelectronics as represented by LEDs (light-emitting diodes), which are one of the energy-saving products that contribute to the prevention of global warming; components for micro-pitch connectors installed in smartphones and other IT devices; and various semiconductor lead frames that are essential for the widespread use of autonomous vehicles and IoT.
Moreover, by supplying these products to major manufacturers worldwide, we believe that the Group can continue to be an essential presence in realizing an enriched society hereafter.

We shall never be complacent with the present circumstances, however, and the Group has worked actively to build manufacturing systems in optimal locations as well as strengthen our market competitiveness so that we may fulfill future user needs and regional demands.
Currently, we have a total of four factories in Japan––the Headquarters (Enzan and Uenohara), Tsugaru, and Iwate.
Our two overseas factories are in the Philippines and China (Guangdong Province), and we have established a strong position as one of the leading manufacturers in Asia to process precision composites of metals and resins with capabilities to accommodate the global supply system.

We would like to ask our shareholders and investors for their continued understanding and support for the growth of Enomoto's business.

Nobuyuki Takeuchi
President and Representative Director

Basic policies on
corporate governance

We recognize that the fulfillment of good corporate governance is
our most important agenda in management.
Based on our Management Policy,
we will fully comply with our Corporate Philosophy along with the laws
and regulations, strengthen internal control,
and endeavor to ensure the soundness and transparency of our management.